Friday, June 11, 2010

Malaysian Teh Tarik

Let's look at how teh tarik are "pulled"...
Teh tarik is actually tea which is being tarik . If it's not tarik, then probably it's called as tea.

Basically when Teh Tarik is served, the top is usually filled with bubbles and you can smell the smell of richness and sweetness.

Take a look at this video to see how teh tarik is made.

Teh Tarik

In fact, there are even competitions held to make teh tarik.

Here's a funny teh tarik video i found in youtube.
Notice the amount of condensed milk at the bottom. So, be health conscious! don't consume it regularly or your body is not going to take the amount of sugar it can handle.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

kopi o and gambar kopi o

so have you heard of kopi o? i'm sure most do if you live in malaysia or singapore or anywhere in the region.

However if you have not, well... actually you have, just that we call it differently than the people elsewhere. It's like Mcdonald's coffee without creamer or starbucks "black" coffee without creamer.

Gambar Kopi O

Well, it's dark and it's basically coffee plus finely granulated sugar. minus the creamer of course.

Actually there are many variants of coffee. If you drop by the nearest starbucks or coffee bean for example, you can see ice blended, frappucino.. well just kidding. What i mean by many variants of coffee is actually coffee, if you add creamer (more creamer or less creamer) and coffee is called as cappucino or latte. Weird isn't it? well... maybe

Kopi O is enjoyed by some malaysians who consume coffee regularly. Frequently, you can see chinese coffee shops for example serving kopi o almost anywhere in malaysia with the characteristic cup and saucer. It's tradition.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gambar Teh Tarik

With all the food shown in the blog, let's learn about drinks! Teh tarik is made of tea and lots of condensed milk. It's very sweet and diabetic patients should take caution when drinking it as it will definitely increase your sugar level!

Some gambar teh tarik i would like to share with you readers here

Enjoy the gambars. Teh tarik is an all time favorite in malaysia regardless of race. Malays love it. Chinese love it. Indians love it too. And i am quite sure most of you will love it too. As sweet as teh tarik. 

Actually, teh stands for tea while tarik means pull. Basically, it's just "tea" "pull" or teh tarik whatever you call it. But people dont call it tea pull and it's special in malaysia of course. teh tarik!

Teh tarik can be consumed anytime whether it's morning, afternoon, or night but since tea has some caffeine in it, it's not recommend to take in the night.. well you know, it can cause you to stay up and cause you to be unable to sleep. but if you plan to burn the midnight oil before exams, then teh tarik might be the choice for you instead of drinking coffee. 

Some people drink it for the taste, some people drink it because they love it and do not know how to describe it, some people drink it to stay away while driving long distance. Whatever the reasons are, teh tarik is here and it's not going anywhere. 


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nasi Kerabu - Blue Color Rice

I'm sure some of the readers of this blog are familiar with Nasi Kerabu. Usually, the rice is blue in color and it's eaten with raw vegetables, budu and keropok. Some add chicken, egg and others for extra.

Take a look at some pictures of Nasi Kerabu

You might feel a little weird eating nasi kerabu for the first time if you are not a local. It might be due to its color which might make you feel uncomfortable but don't let it scare you away from trying it!

Most nasi kerabu are made with rice that are dyed blue in color but not all are blue. It might be from different color since some people prefer white rice, some people might have yellow color instead of blue. Don't know why though.

Basically, i think malaysians are very creative when it comes to food. Malaysians make many different types of food with rice. With rice, malaysians have Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Goreng, Nasi USA, Nasi paprik, Nasi Pattaya just to name a few (well, not all are from malaysia of course, as malaysia and indonesia share some things in common and food is definitely some of it)

Eating raw vegetables for the first time might make you feel a little uncomfortable. Some people do not like and may get diarrhea from eating nasi kerabu. But after a few tries, most people are comfortable eating it and in fact, they enjoy it quite a lot.

Sometimes, nasi kerabu is eaten with dried fish or fried chicken, keropok, budu just to name a few. The blue color of the rice comes from a type of flower known as bunga telang. As bunga telang might be a little hard to be found nowadays, some people replace it with white rice or yellow rice (kunyit) but it's still nasi kerabu none the less.

You can find nasi kerabu in states of kelantan and terrenganu in malaysia. It's very popular in Kelantan and everywhere you go you will be able to find nasi kerabu. However, it's not only limited to kelantan as other states also have nasi kerabu but it's not that common as in kelantan though.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nasi Lemak

A picture is worth a thousand words. So, let the pictures tell you about Nasi Lemak!

Here are various pictures for you to look at.

Basically, Nasi Lemak is a simple dish made with rice, some peanuts, eggs, sambal and cucumbers.

Hope you like it as much as I did. Enjoy.