Sunday, May 2, 2010

kopi o and gambar kopi o

so have you heard of kopi o? i'm sure most do if you live in malaysia or singapore or anywhere in the region.

However if you have not, well... actually you have, just that we call it differently than the people elsewhere. It's like Mcdonald's coffee without creamer or starbucks "black" coffee without creamer.

Gambar Kopi O

Well, it's dark and it's basically coffee plus finely granulated sugar. minus the creamer of course.

Actually there are many variants of coffee. If you drop by the nearest starbucks or coffee bean for example, you can see ice blended, frappucino.. well just kidding. What i mean by many variants of coffee is actually coffee, if you add creamer (more creamer or less creamer) and coffee is called as cappucino or latte. Weird isn't it? well... maybe

Kopi O is enjoyed by some malaysians who consume coffee regularly. Frequently, you can see chinese coffee shops for example serving kopi o almost anywhere in malaysia with the characteristic cup and saucer. It's tradition.

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