Sunday, February 1, 2009

Recepi Nasi Goreng Tomyam

This special variant of nasi goreng might be your favorite if you like hot and spicy food!

Recepi nasi goreng tomyam might be your choice. But don't cook it always since it's spicy, it will make you feel hot!

To cook resepi nasi goreng tomyam, you will need

2 cups of Rice
Fresh Shrimps
Fresh Sotongs

Steps to cooking nasi goreng tomyam
First, cut the onions until it is done.
Next, put in some tomyam powder. If you feel that it is a little dry, add some water to it to make it feel less dry.
Put the chicken, and let it cook for a while. This is to make sure the chicken will taste good when you eat it.
Put the ingredients listed above such as shrimps, sotong, tomato and etc. and mix them well. Make sure you stir them to make them cook evenly.
Put cabbage, add some salt.
After you have finished, turn off your stove and cut some onions and chillies.
Serve it with keropok and some of your favorite soup if you like.

Hope you enjoy cooking the nasi goreng tomyam. bon appetite!

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